Linnies and More

Quality Handfed Baby Birds


We are a  husband and wife team who have a small home based aviary, we also have two children (4 and 10) who interact with all the babies big or small.  We specialize in breeding quality pets for you and your family.  We are focusing on breeding Lineolated Parakeets (aka Linnies).  As far as we know we are one of few breeders in Ontario who breed the Edged Mutation.  We have blue series (cobalt, mauve, turquoise) and greens in both single and double factor edged birds.  We also have lutino's, creamino's, cobalts, turquoise, mauve and green mutations.  We are located in London Ontario.

We do have other species we breed but on a much smaller scale than linnies. 

We do ship our babies once weaned, we use Air Canada, so shipping is limited in the winter time, please contact to see if we can ship to your destination.