Linnies and More

Our Policies


We guarantee the health of any bird purchased from us for 7 days, if for any reason the bird dies take the bird to the nearest avian vet to determine the cause of death.  If for any reason our aviary was the cause we will replace the bird or refund your money for the purchase price of the bird.  However we will not be responsible for any vet bills you recieve.  All our birds are banded and the band will need to stay on the bird and be documented when it was seen by the vet.  Our guarantee in Nul and Void if you have any other birds in your house, changed the food it was on, as I cannot see what happens to the bird once it leaves my house I cannot guarantee the temperment of the bird once it leaves my house if I sell you a bird as a pet it will be tame, you will have a chance to play and interact with your bird when you come to take it home.


Once you decide you would like to purchase a baby from us you will be required to place a deposit on the baby to hold it.  Deposits will vary depending on species and mutation you want, Please contact us for deposit amounts.  We will accept deposits by email money transfer, or via bank deposit.   Deposits are non-refundable unless something unforseen happens to your baby in such case we will offer a refund or put the deposit towards another baby, eg if you change your mind for any reason, you lose your deposit.



AIR CANADA HAS CLOSED IT'S LONDON OFFICE, therefore unless I have a few birds to go at once shipping will be limited, please contact.  It is now a 5 hour round trip for us to ship, as we will be going to Toronto and can use Westjet or Air Canada.  Please contact us to see if shipping will be available.  Prices will start at $150.   I cannot meet or be obligated to get the bird to you, unless an arrangement is made prior to the deposit of your bird, in which case it would be noted in your deposit email.